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City Pound!

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.....Victoria Wells..............................Tony Barber

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Pets In the City turns into the City Pound! This special once-a-month treat will feature exclusive interviews and sounds from some of the music industry’s most well-known names, including performers, DJs, artists, and other notables--with an emphasis on rock n’ roll and punk rock! Why? Turns out some of the hardest-rocking talents are also the hardest-working advocates for animals—and many of them live in New York, of course. Hear some of your favorite bands and artists talk about their music, their views on life, and their work with animals. We’ll also be playing music for you—some of them heard for the first time, anywhere, only on Pet Life Radio! So get out that iPod and be ready to rock!

On our first episode of City Pound, we talk with Tony Barber, longtime bass player of one of the most influential punk bands of all time, The Buzzcocks. Tony has played with a wide range of rock-and-roll and punk royalty over the last 30 years and has recently begun producing some up-and-coming bands in New York and beyond. He’ll be talking to City Pound about his life as a punk rocker, his perspective on the economy, and his fundraising work with fiancé Andrea Purcigliotti in support animal adoption in New York City. We’ll also here some brand new music from some of the bands Tony is currently working with, including The Choke, Easy Image, Airport and Swivel.

Also this episode, we’ll be meeting Victoria Wells, a frequent face on Animal Planet, head of Wells Animal Services, and founder of AMP. She’ll join Diane West as a regular co-host of City Pound.

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Production Assistants – City Pound: Episode One
Special thanks to Steve Baldwin, “The Parrot Man of Brooklyn”, whose love of the wild Quaker Parrots in the Flatbush area of Brooklyn has earned him and the birds international media coverage. A musician himself, Steve’s original music and video, “The Ballad of the Brooklyn Parrots” are included on the DVD release of the award-winning documentary, “The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill” Visit him at

Thanks also to Mark Knight, a board member of AMP, a veteran of the music industry and head of NY Cat Services (, offering a wide range of counseling, training, and sitting services to cats and cat people throughout the New York Metropolitan area. 

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