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Mad for Animals – Mad Juana

Mad Juana

.....Mad Juana.....


Mad Juana (sometimes used in literary circles as shorthand for “Juana the Mad”, the rather passionate daughter of Spain’s King Ferdinand V and Queen Isabella I) is hard to describe. Rock, gypsy, punk, hypnotic, are just some of the adjectives that comes to mind. One can just as easily imagine them providing a haunting soundtrack to one of the “Kill Bill” movies or performing spirited, joyful dance music at a gypsy-esque festival. 

Karmen Guy, the sultry voice of Mad Juana, relishes in the idea of the band’s elusive description. Their many, diverse fans dig their sound, and that’s good enough for them. World travelers, the band’s hearts are never far away from The Tijuana River Valley Animal Rescue, an independent, small, grass roots animal rescue group founded in 2005 dedicated to rescuing stray and abandoned dogs in the Tijuana River Valley, on the U.S. side of the border, as well as rescuing and rehabilitating abused, neglected and problematic horses and off track thoroughbreds. City Pound caught up with Karmen while the band set up camp in New York to talk about music,  animals, and her veggie-powered car.

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