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Ready To Pounce -- Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull

Ian Anderson

.....Ian Anderson.....


There are relatively few songs in the world that bring a knowing smile to your face in the first few notes, and Ian Anderson of legendary band Jethro Tull has written and performed more than a few of them.

From the gallows humor of ‘Aqualung’ to the urgent, demanding cords of “Locomotive Breath” Ian has sometimes been referred to as the ‘mad minstrel’ with a unique mix of hard rock, epic-poem lyrics, and, of course, the flute. Probably one of the few—if only--bands that can described as ‘Renaissance Rock’, Jethro Tull has been playing nonstop, worldwide, for over 40 years, with Ian still at the helm.

Pets In the City spoke to Ian just a couple of weeks before his trip back to the ‘colonies’ this fall, where he will be playing a mix of classic Tull favorites as well as some of his solo works.

It turns out that not only does Ian love music, but cats as well. And we mean really loves them, both domestic and wild, devoting efforts to the conservation of some of these beasts in their natural habitats.  You’re going to download this interview, featuring both  Jethro Tull and solo Ian Anderson song classics mixed throughout, right on your playlist.  Get ready, New Yorkers—he’ll be at the Beacon Theater live on October 13th.

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