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Diane West
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Pink Pussycats Take a Swipe At Breast Cancer

Lara Pilla

.....Lara Pilla.....


On September 13th, New Yorkers cheered on some 25,000 runners and walkers in the annual Susan G. Komen “Race for the Cure” in Central Park to raise awareness and funding in the continued fight against breast cancer in women and in a growing number of men. But lounging on couches and chairs throughout the country was another, even larger group of  unlikely supporters – those four-footed furballs we call cats. Since May of this year, Purina Cat Chow’s “Connected for the Cause” campaign has highlighted the special bond between people with breast cancer and their cats, and how these usually self-centered creatures are very much a part of the healing process for many facing this challenge. The campaign runs through October and has many fun ways any cat lover can donate to the cause, such as posting a photo of their cat on the site’s mosaic.

Pets In the City spoke with one of these tremendous individuals, New Yorker Lara Pilla and her cat, “Mingo”, and how Mingo – in Lara’s words – gives her ‘little gifts’ throughout the day to help her on her journey to recovery. This interview will leave you inspired to find joy and laughter in every day. 

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