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Diane West
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Samantha's 'Sex And The City' Dog Spills Sexy Secrets;
'Law & Order' Star Recruits Citizens To A Special Cause

Richard Belzer...........Mary Gormley & Gidget

Richard Belzer..... .........................Mary Gormley & Gidget

Think the presidential race is getting tough now? Wait until you travel with us to the Upper East Side of Manhattan to witness the launch of a historical "paws-idential" campaign by a very unlikely candidate. Seems that comedian Richard Belzer ("Law and Order", "Last Comic Standing") has thrown his hat into this year's presidential election to issue all United States citizens who love pets a special challenge, endorsed wholeheartedly by three big players: the North Shore Animal League, the Mayor's Alliance for NYC's Animals, and Animal Care and Control of New York City.

Then...ever wonder how you train a dog  to, er, "be amorous" on demand? 'Gidget' Gormley, the frisky little Yorkshire Terrier who plays Samantha's furry friend, "Baby" in this summer's blockbuster hit 'Sex and the City,' can do this and other unique tricks thanks to her 'person', Mary Gormley. This week we speak with Ms. Gormley about Gidget and her unusal role in the 'SATC' movie plus some behind-the-scenes dish on co-star (and animal lover) Kim Cattrall, Gidget's own private health battle, and her favorite charity, Friends of Snuffy .)

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