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Diane West
New York Tails Magazine

Brooklyn Assemblyman Joseph Lentol on Politics, Pets, and Albany Pandemonium

Assemblyman Joseph Lentol    on Pet Life Radio.....

..Assemblyman Joseph Lentol ..................................

Well, as the song says, ‘it’s all over but the crying.’ The national mid-term elections are over, and they panned out pretty much as predicted. But often lost in the frenzy of the national political stage are important statewide elections, which, in many cases this year, were happening at the same time.  New York State’s political stage, for example, has been a literal circus for the past two years—from the 2008 resignation of Governor Eliot Spitzer following a sex scandal (his former ‘madam’ later ran against him for his seat) to the 2009 Albany shut-down lead by former State Senator Hiram Monserrate of Queens (who faced felony assault charges for hitting his girlfriend.) Top all that with a gubernatorial race and all 212 state legislative seats up for grabs this year, and you’ve got the makings of a made-for-tv movie.
“Pets In the City” spoke with newly-reelected Assemblyman Joseph Lentol, who has represented North Brooklyn in the State Assembly since 1972. Having seen pretty much everything in h almost 40 years in politics, we sat down with him on the eve of the election to get his take on the state of New York politics as well as the rest of the United States. Widely known as one of the New York City’s leading ‘pet friendly lawmakers’, Assemblyman Lentol also spoke about important animal-related issues he’s working on.

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