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While we’re starting to hear some glimmers of good news about the economy, the fact of the matter is there are still plenty of us who are struggling to make ends meet. For some, the ends simply won’t meet, and many of these families include four-footed members who go hungry, too. That’s when people like Susan Kaufman, a New York-based attorney and president of The Animal Relief Fund (“ARF” for short) take a seemingly simple idea—create a pet-food pantry for needy families—and run with it.

Now, through a partnership with The Yorkville Common Pantry on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, Ms. Kaufman’s idea has turned not only into a way for struggling families to feed all the members of their family, but an unlikely outreach tool as well. We spoke to Ms. Kaufman earlier this year about her mission, but even with the spring and summer upon us, hunger knows no time limit. Come listen as she talks about the evolution of an idea into a lifeline, and find out how you or your neighbors in New York can access this wonderful program if you’re having a tough time. Don’t be shy—we’re all in this together.

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