Pet Disaster Kits | Probiotics for Dogs | Mutual Rescue Video

Susan Marie on Pet Life Radio

Health and Lifestyle Contributor Monica Leighton shares important information on preparing disaster kits for pets. | Pet Nutrition Contributor Kim Gaebelein from Bil-Jac Foods shares the many benefits of probiotics for pets. | Then learn from Jessi Burns how the love of a shelter dog helped her recover from personal tragedy in the Mutual Rescues video "Jessi and Andi".


Jessi’s boyfriend was always the life of the party, so the shocking news of his suicide cast her suddenly into the darkest period of her life. Anxiety, isolation, sleeplessness, and self-doubt immobilized her.

Caught in this downward spiral of depression, she happened upon an online photo of an 8-month-old puppy at a local shelter. Jessi thought she was “one of the most pitiful dogs I’d ever seen. She looked how I felt, and I felt a connection with her through that very sad photo.”

Set against the majestic Colorado Rockies, “Jessi & Andi” is the uplifting Mutual Rescue story of two lost souls whose life-affirming journey together brought them both back into the light.