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Health and Lifestyle Contributor Monica Leighton shares important information on helping pets with anxiety. | October is National Pet Obesity Month, and Kim Gaebelein from Bil-Jac Foods provides valuable nutritional ideas for overweight pets. | Marsha Panuce, Founder of Donte's Den and the host of ‘Animal Outtakes’ talks about a special event ‘Tips for Tails’ - to benefit the pups in need at Donte's Den- a safe haven for dogs.


Donte’s Den is about family.

Years ago, my late husband, Don, and I began to wonder what would happen to our dogs when we were no longer able to care for them. Our dogs are such a part of our family that we wanted to make sure they would always be loved. That’s when we came up with the concept behind Donte’s Den — a community of joyful dogs.

We started a nonprofit foundation and named it Donte’s Den after one of our beloved standard Schnauzers. Our mission is to care for homeless dogs in the same loving way we would care for our dear Donte.

The dogs who will come to live at Donte’s Den have become homeless for several different reasons — their owner has passed away, entered a living care facility or deployed for service in the United States military. Abandoned dogs will also find a temporary home at Donte’s Den while we help them find a new loving family and forever home.

Every dog in our care will receive the very best medical care and heartfelt personal attention. They will live on 50 acres of pristine Florida countryside in Myakka City — the perfect place for dogs to play, run, swim and enjoy just being a dog.

Please explore our website and learn more about Donte’s Den. Then please consider donating or reserving a place at Donte’s Den for your dog.

Donte’s Den is about family. We’d love to welcome you into ours.

~Marsha Panuce
Founder, Donte’s Den