Donna Hailson

Donna Hailson on Pet Life Radio

Donna Hailson is a multi-award-winning author, educator, nature guide, photographer, blogger, and radio host whose work centers on the conservation of wildlife and wild places. Most recently, she served as editor of Big Cypress Swamp: The Western Everglades and collaborated with landscape photographer Clyde Butcher on Celebrating the National Parks (his black and white images, her words). Donna has been on the road full-time adventuring, photographing and writing since 2010 and has visited every state in the Union and every province and territory of Canada (save for Nunavut). She has also explored a good bit of Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Caribbean.

Along the way, she has learned from park rangers; wildlife biologists; dark sky protectors; eco-tourism professionals; authors; photographers and other artists; journalists; animal control officers; leaders of wildlife foundations; veterinarians; animal curators in wildlife sanctuaries, rehabilitation centers, and zoos; and other conservationists who are devoting their lives to the protection and preservation of the world’s wild creatures and wild spaces. She brings this knowledge base alongside a heart eager to see wiser stewardship of the Earth. She hopes this program will inform and inspire others toward a more passionate engagement in practical conservation efforts wherever they are undertaken.