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The Dr. Courtney Show is a pet parenting show dedicated to educating pet parents about ways to keep their pets healthy and happy. The Dr. Courtney Show is hosted by celebrity vet, Dr. Courtney Campbell, who is also a co-host of Nat Geo’s Pet Talk and a regular guest on programs such as The Doctors, Hallmark Channel’s Home and Family, and YouTube’s Pet Collective. Each episode of The Dr. Courtney Show features topics on pet health with interviews of veterinary and also pet care experts. Tune in to The Dr. Courtney Show with Dr. Courtney Campbell and learn about pet diseases and simple ways to prevent them.

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Episode 6 - Adoption is the Option

Dr. Courtney speaks with shelter vet Dr. Brenda Dines about how to take care of your newly adopted pet. 

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Episode 5 - Three Tips to Finding the Perfect Pet

Join Dr. Courtney and his special guest, America’s Pet Advocate, Dr. Ernie Ward and learn how to pick the perfect pet!

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Episode 4 - Dog Flu Overview

Dr. Courtney welcomes back Dr. Kathryn Primm to discuss the recent discovery of H3N2 canine influenza virus or Dog Flu in Florida and how to protect your dogs.


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Episode 3 - Fear Free

Dr. Courtney talks Fear Free veterinary care and how to take the stress from your pets during their doctor visits, with this week’s guest, Dr. Kathryn Primm.  Also covered are vaccines and infectious disease.

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Episode 2 - Dangers of Lepto

Dr. Courtney is joined by expert Dr. Michelle Evason,  to discuss leptospirosis and how to prevent this dangerous disease.

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Episode 1 - All About Infectious Disease

Dr. Courtney Campbell welcomes Dr. Justine Lee to the inaugural show to discuss infectious diseases in pets.


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