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Groomer Humor is based around Rudy and Anthony’s personal experiences with dogs and cats as both pet owners and professional groomers. Taking the stage at night has allowed their comedic personalities to shine while covering all things grooming, giving a light hearted and funny approach on how to better maintain and groom your own pets, offer professional tips, and aid in your pets health. They also focus on latest products and techniques, do’s and don’ts, and of course establishing a good relationship not only between pet owner and groomer, but also pet owner and pet. If you’re looking to learn some very interesting things about pets, and catch some laughs, Groomer Humor is the show for you.  Groomer Humor believes there could be a groomer in everyone…  so whether you are looking for some very helpful information, or just looking to be entertained, you will find it here!

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Episode 6 - Happy New Year! Whats Your Resolution?

2018 is officially underway, and it is going to be a good one! In this episode we have discovered that your pet’s resolutions may not differ too much from your own. Your pet’s need your help to fulfill their goals, and we are going to tell you just how to accomplish that. We will also let you in on what our personal resolutions are this year. Here’s a bonus tip right off the bat, don’t miss this episode.

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Episode 5 - Winterizing Your Pet

As it gets to be quite chilly outside, our pets need to adapt just like we do. In this episode we go over a few ways to help you protect them from the cold, ice, and salt. Of course it doesn’t hurt to go over a few funny ways to keep yourselves warm as well. Shiver Me Timbers! It’s already episode 5! 

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Episode 4 - A Very Groomer Humor Birthday

From Happy Holidays to Happy Birthdays! In what may be our most off the wall episode yet, we go over the importance of table training your pets, and wish Anthony a very Happy Birthday. As usual on Groomer Humor you can expect some laughs, but a Groomer Humor birthday? This one was always going to go off the rails. Don’t miss out on these very important table training tips, and something very interesting that we both have in common with Pet Life Radio’s own Mark Winter. On top of all that, it turns out Anthony isn’t the only one who may be celebrating a birthday.

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Episode 3 - Happy Howlidays

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and we are ready to spread some holiday cheer! In this holly jolly episode we go over some tips to help get your pets, and yourselves, ready for all the festivities. We also discuss some important safety precautions, gift ideas, and a few ways you can help your groomer as we head toward this holiday season. Of course, it wouldn’t be Groomer Humor without some roaring laughs along the way. It’s time to deck the paws!

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Episode 2 - Don’t Flea The Season

The dreaded flea season is upon us! In this episode we discuss how to identify, locate, and avoid further problems due to fleas. Also offering some basic tips on how to help combat the issue. Only we can tackle an issue like this and still find some laughs along the way. The last thing you’ll want to do is flea this episode. 

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Episode 1 - Like Father, Like Son

Join us as we take you on the rollercoaster ride that is our lives! Hear the story of how a father and son end up in the same line of work, twice. Groomers by day, comedians by night, we give you a glimpse into what lead us into both. Two very different professions, two very similar goof balls. The journey begins, with a little bit about ourselves.

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