Jon Patch

Jon Patch on Pet Life Radio

Over fifteen years ago, I was given an opportunity to host "Talkin' Pets." I promised myself it would become the best pet show in the country.

At the start, I decided that "Talkin' Pets" would be a show far different in its appeal—a program that would be both entertaining and educational, exciting and accented with celebrity voices from throughout the animal kingdom, in addition to many other guest experts.

This is a show for almost everyone. It's nice to know that we're able to assist millions of people with suggestions about their pets, both in the medical field and behavioral world. It gives me great satisfaction when I can offer support to a listener, then weeks later learn that, "My pet is doing well thanks to your help." It brings a smile to my face to know I played a part in saving an animal's life and diminished an owner's anxiety.

We've traveled across the country to learn more about endangered species and why they are so valuable to nature's cycle. We've brought the latest technologies in science and behavior training to the show, which have proved to help so many animal lovers in need. I believe the show is the best choice for sponsors and listeners alike.

Since approximately seventy percent of the population owns a pet — creating a multi-billion dollar industry — it's no wonder "Talkin' Pets" as blossomed.