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Jungle Lifestyle with Mickey Mittermeier

Mickey Mittermeier on Pet Life Radio........

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We are going to meet an impressive young man today, Mickey Mittermeier.  Mick is a 20 year old college student who has already traveled to 64 countries(!) and mostly to tropical regions in pursuit of endangered exotic animals - special places known as Biodiversity Hotspots. These safaris included Australia, Indonesia, Estonia, Finland, Surinam, East Africa, Madagascar and many, many others. He has had this wonderful opportunity because his father is the noted primatologist and president of Conservation International, Dr. Russ Mittermeier. While his natural scientist father has been away from home most of his youth, Mick often went with his father on surveys of endangered species. As  you will  hear, Mick credits his Dad for his adventurous spirit, love of the wild, his scientific curiosity and his love for…TARZAN.

Mick describes the impact of Tarzan books upon his life as "profound".  His reading of most of the 24 Tarzan books inspires Mick to go out and explore places that he calls,  "far away, primal, wild, untouched, savage, dangerous, and cool".  He says that different people take away something a little different from the Tarzan character.  For Mick's Dad, Russ, it was conservation - protection of the wild.  For Mick, its been "fitness" and natural health.

In addition to his world travels for conservation, and studies in anthropology in college, Mick promotes a "new" sport he calls, Free Tree Climbing.  This is climbing trees without the aid of ropes, pulleys, gloves and high tech shoes.  Rather, climbing trees - like TARZAN did it!   Recent health movements known as MovNat (for Move Naturally) and Paleodiets embrace exercise based upon barefoot running, throwing, climbing, swimming, carrying; and eating naturally - all healthful behaviors rooted in our human past. Mick is taking it to the trees.  He says, "People think it’s weird but I think it is fantastic!"  Revealing his appealing confidence he adds, "I just have to teach them."  He does not believe in the common gym workout regimens, protein shakes, pills and even hormones, but in a natural way to fitness.  One that works WITH your natural biology rather than trying to manipulate it through using machines and chemistry.

This conversation between Dr. Jones and Mick Mittermeier explores the jungle in some new ways:  through the trees and embracing healthful, natural living.  Mick's attitude is like a breath of fresh tropic air.  Enjoy!


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