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I Was a Hollywood Tarzan

Denny Miller on Pet Life Radio........

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This is a particularly fun and funny episode today. We are going to get the inside scoop about what it is like to be a Hollywood Tarzan, through our conversation with actor Denny Miller. Move over Spock! Did you know that the elephants in the Tarzan movies were the first to wear ear appliances? Did you know that Tarzan used a ladder to get on top of his elephant? Did you consider that with an elephant's rough hide, there quickly develops a severe chafing problem when you are wearing only a loincloth? How about a loincloth made of seashells?? Yes, Tarzan wore one but it was scrapped because it was too noisy - he could not sneak up on the bad guys! Is it true that Tarzan had to be constantly ready to punch his cute little co-star in the nose? What?! Yes, hear all about this and more as we speak with successful character actor and Tarzan star, Denny Miller..

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Denny Miller on Pet Life Radio

Denny. Miller started his career starring in the 1959 release, Tarzan, the Ape Man. Mr. Miller has a roster of over 200 titles he appeared in during his career, spanning some 50 years. His shows included TV westerns like Laramie, Rifleman, Wagon Train. He twice appeared on Gilligan's Island in spoofs of the Tarzan character from his earlier movie. Before Denny Miller was a movie star, he was a basketball star. He comes from a family of athletes. Today, he is still athletic and writing books about health and exercise. His latest book, just released, is called "My Tarzan, you Train".


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