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The Real Tarzan of Africa,
DeWet Du Toit

DeWet Du Toit  on Pet Life Radio........

..DeWet Du Toit ...........................

Today we meet the amazing DeWet Du Toit.  He is the one I call,  the Real African Tarzan!  That's because he does live in Africa, and much of the time he lives as Tarzan lived - in the jungles, climbing trees, diving off waterfalls, and cavorting with elephants and pythons. This Tarzan is complete with gorgeous muscles, a stylish loincloth, and a love for wildlife. This guy is the real deal.  It's taken me months to arrange, but we will finally get to talk to this modern-day Tarzan. DeWet is an actor determined to play Tarzan in the next live action film. He is also a film-maker and excellent at internet marketing, too.  He is a man, who, against all odds and occasional ridicule, is following a dream. Right now, we are connected to DeWet in Africa, and we are going to explore his dream, his life,  and get to know, today's TARZAN! 

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DeWet Du Toit on Pet Life Radio

I’m very interested in the new Tarzan movie that’s now in production by Warner Bros. and due to be directed by David Yates, and I believe I have what it takes to be the next Tarzan!

I currently made a new Tarzan film which will be send to film agents and Warner Bros in Hollywood. I have made a Tarzan short film recently which I’ve put on you tube just to see what the reaction would be, which has been great as it has been viewed over a MILLION times!
Here is the vimeo link to my latest Tarzan film:

I'm also very well acquainted with the president of Edgar Rice Burroughs Inc. Jim Sullos in Tarzana, California.

During the past years I’ve been featured in the media around the globe such as websites from China to Vietnam and BBC interviews as well as radio interviews from New Zealand to Ireland and T.V. interviews regarding me in the run for the upcoming Tarzan film in Hollywood.

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