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Over 2 MILLION views on YouTube and a standing ovation on Britain’s Got Talent represents an unprecedented success for 7 year old Wildlife Poet Olivia.  What other conservationist has delivered their message to so many and looked so charming doing it?

Let's say that you, personally assume the task of communicating to the public the need for preservation of wildlife.  How will you do it?  We will give you just a few short minutes.  How do you capture the attention of millions of people and get them to listen to your message?  Now, how do you do it using Britain's most popular TV Talent show, Britain's Got Talent?  And now, how do you do it when you are only 7 years old?  Courageous? Yes, absolutely!  Impossible? Not to little Olivia Binfield, who loves animals with all her heart.

Olivia came up with an idea and then went on to do something - I would never have had the cleverness or fortitude to do, especially at age 7. This little girl went out onto this giant stage in front of thousands of people in the audience and millions on TV and recited a poem she wrote - and got a standing ovation!  You will hear excerpts of her performance.  To watch the video in its entirety (and of course you can find it at our Jungle Deep website) is wonderful!  It is hilarious!  And if it doesn't bring a tear to your eye, you better check your heart. I hope it means something special to all you conservationists out there in the field, getting bitten and muddied to do your work to help the planet, to know that back at home there are wee children backing you up and trying to help.  I dedicate this episode to you.

Olivia Binfield is a conservation hero in my eyes, and I think you will think so, too.  Today we get to meet and talk to Olivia and her mum, in England, about how Olivia did it, why she did it, and what she is doing now to help save animals. And ofcourse, she wants to grow up to be a zoologist.

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I have become known from my appearance on ITV’s Britain’s Got Talent show by reciting a poem about protecting the planet and animals and at the same time being "cuddled” by my live snake, Lucy.

This touched the famous judges, Louis Walsh, Amanda Holden and Michael McIntyre so much, that they all voted for me to go through to the next round of this popular talent contest. I am so excited about all of this, but care even more about our planet and what we must do to protect all our animals.

I am now an ambassador to the TigerTime project set up by David Shepherd CBE the wildlife conservationist and famous artist. I am so proud to be part of this team who are dedicated to saving the wild tiger. There are only 3500 left in jungles of the world. Please add your support at TigerTime


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