Dr. Kim Bloomer

Dr. Kim Bloomer on Pet Life RadioKim Bloomer is a doctor of veterinary naturopathy, published author, host of Pet Talk - Naturally, and an avid blogger and writer on natural dog health. Her interest in the world of animal health goes back to her childhood when as a ten-year old she proclaimed she’d be a veterinarian when “she grows up”. Dr. Bloomer later proceeded to work in a variety of animal-related jobs with her first job in a pet store where she noticed the health of the animals less than desirable. She then went on to work in various dog kennels and eventually veterinary medicine.

The deciding factor in not becoming a veterinarian was the discovery that she wanted to work with well animals and keep them that way.

Through her own natural health self-discovery as Fine Arts major with a dance emphasis at the University of NM, Dr. Bloomer desired to always know more about natural health and then apply what she learned to her own health.

Because of her training in traditional veterinary medicine she thought all she did for her wonderful dogs was the right way to care for them although there was always a bit of nagging doubt in the back of her mind.

Because of the love of her three special dogs, a Great Dane, a Golden Retriever and now a Neapolitan Mastiff, Dr. Bloomer learned what her dogs needed all along to thrive and not just survive. She felt compelled to share that knowledge with the world rather than rest upon that knowledge for her own benefit.

This led to her ongoing blogging efforts to share how to care for animals naturally, with a special emphasis on dogs, by writing about it. Her blogging efforts culminated in her authoring the book Whole Health for Happy Dogs with holistic veterinarian Dr. Jill Elliot. Her writing has been published on many websites such as Suite101.com, in newspapers, and in magazines such as Animal Wellness Magazine and the Chihuahua Connection and online magazines such as Pet Home Magazine and House Pet Magazine.

She hosts a weekly online radio show, Pet Talk – Naturally! with like-minded colleague, Dr. Jeannie Thomason. The show is all about empowering pet owners with the knowledge to care for their animals naturally. They bring on guest experts each week to talk about their area of expertise in natural animal health.

Dr. Bloomer continues to do research into natural animal health and welfare. She finished her Bachelor of Science degree in Holistic Nutrition in January of 2008 and will begin her studies for her human Doctor of Naturopathy with the Clayton College of Natural Health in 2008.