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Pet Horoscopes for the week of November 1, 2007

In this episode... Lucky runs down the week's pet horoscopes for the week of November 1, 2007



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Hi everybody! Welcome to another week of Lucky’s Stars on PetLifeRadio! I’m Lucky, your host, and I’ll tell you what the stars have in store for you pets for the upcoming week!

Well, what do you know! It’s November already! Football, and a lot of interesting holidays. I bet you didn’t know that November 2nd is national deviled egg day! No, I’m not kidding! November 3rd is national sandwich day! November 12th is… now get this… national pizza with the works except anchovies day! Now, I kid you not.

Well, my favorite November holiday of course is Thanksgiving… mmm.. Turkey, gravy, all the fixin’s. I sure like those sweet potatoes with the marshmallows on top! Well anyway, that’s not for a while yet. Guess I’ll just have to be happy with national deviled egg day at the moment! November is also national peanut butter month… which is kind making me hungry. While I go grab myself a sandwich, here are a few messages. Then I’ll be right back with this week’s pet horoscopes. Stay tuned!

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Well, we’re back so let’s get down to business and check out this week’s pet horoscopes.

First up is ARIES for those of you born
March 21-April 19

You have work to do but there are too many obstacles in your way. Maybe somebody left a chair right in your favorite spot. You’ll have to try a different location, at least for now. Your owner may not get the hint that you want a treat, so just do a little begging… but use your cute face! You'll have to be agreeable and charming for a while if you want to get past this current barrier; otherwise, get used to days in the laundry room.

Next is TAURUS

That’s April 20-May 20
You are feeling good today, Taurus. You could enjoy a romp at the dog run, check out the new dog park, take a dip in a creek, or a wild escape from the yard. Heck, you're even up for romance. Whatever it is, squeeze as much enjoyment out of it as is possible. I’m telling you…. That cute poodle down the street has been giving you the eye. Now would be the time to get your tail over there and put the moves on!

Moving right along, next on the zodiac is GEMINI
That’s May 21-June 21
While the cat's been hunting down a mouse, you've been watching carefully. He didn’t notice that there’s a whole dish of snacks in the kitchen! You'll get the goods just when the cat least expects it. Just wait til he’s got his nose behind the couch, then make your move and make the dash to the kitchen. Those snacks will be gone before he notices they were there in the first place!

The next horoscope for this week is CANCER
June 22-July 22
You know how to charm your owner; now move on to charming whole groups of people. A dinner party gives you the opportunity to do just that, so be prepared for plenty of table scraps. Remember those tricks you’ve been practicing when nobody was home? Do that little dance you’ve been trying out… if nobody notices try a little singing… and if all else fails let them have a few human words you’ve been trying out! That should do the trick and that big steak bone will be yours!

Up next is LEO
July 23-August 22

There's no right or wrong when meat is involved, and there's no five-second rule, either. Besides, that steak was on the floor way longer than five seconds. When opportunity knocks you’d better be right there to answer that door. Really, who would drop a steak on the floor? They meant to give that to you, and they’re just being sneaky about it. So take it, enjoy it, and don’t give it a second thought!

Our next pet horoscope is VIRGO
August 23-September 22
Some people think sharing close quarters can ruin a friendship. You have none of those worries when you take to the open road with a canine pal. The two of you have no problem eating and sleeping in an unusual spot. It’s kind of like a buddy movie! I’ve found that the best places to check out on the road would be behind a 5 star restaurant! You and your traveling bud can feast on leftover filet mignon, new york sirloin, and maybe a piece or 2 of cheesecake. If you’re going to travel, you may as well go first class!


Okay, all that talk about filet mignon and sirloin has reminded me that there’s a ribeye in the fridge I’ve been saving. While I go finish that bad boy, you guys can check out these important messages:

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Okay, welcome back to Lucky’s Stars… I’m your host Lucky! By the way, that rib eye really hit the spot! Alright on with the astrological countdown…

LIBRA, for those of you pets born
September 23-October 22
Don't waste time being possessive today. Why get into a scrap over something simple like a biscuit? Besides, there's plenty more where that one came from. Now here’s a little tip. Let the biscuit go, and while the other pets are fighting over it, you can slip under the table and grab that lamb chop that just dropped under the chair. I’ll take a chop over a hard boxed biscuit any day! The other pets will think you’re one generous guy or girl, and in reality, you won yourself the prize!

Next on the horoscope list is SCORPIO
That’s October 23 - November 21
You won't get anywhere without some effort. Take advantage of the friction in your pack to move up on the totem pole. Other pets are trying to do the same thing, so who gets there is up to you. Now we don’t like any growling or fighting, so if you want to be the leader I suggest you use your charm and powers of persuasion. Tell them you heard there’s a big wedding down the street, and you personally are friends with the caterer. You’ll see how fast they all follow you!

November 22-December 21
You'll be beyond stuffed if you're not careful. Try to look at the smaller picture; one meal is made up of many biscuits. If you can't resist -- and it will be almost impossible -- try to communicate clearly when you're full. Now the best idea is to just eat half of what’s in the bowl. You know later while you’re watching TV, you’re going to start getting those TV munchies, and you’ll be happy there’s still food in the dish!

CAPRICORN is our next pet horoscope
For those of you born December 22-January 19
Your humans are not the only ones who would enjoy a walk in the woods. Let your feelings be known before it's too late. When they take out all their hiking gear, give them the beady stare that says “I want to go too.” If you don’t think they’re bright enough to get the hint, you may have to make a mad dash for the car, and just hop right into the back seat. Give ‘em that happy smile with your tongue hanging out, and they won’t be able to resist. After all, there’s nothing a like a day filled with new sights and smells… and possible a small forest creature to chase!

That’s January 20-February 18
Why do humans sit around listening to stories of the past? They're trying to learn something from their older relatives. You learn in a different way, but you'll just have to put up with being bored while they listen. Really, do you care that once Uncle Henry had a full set of teeth? I don’t need to hear about all the great times they had 20 years ago. My best memory is last night’s barbeque!
Well here we are at our last pet horoscope

That would be PISCES
February 19-March 20
Good Dog, You're the Best -- those are pretty words, but they only go so far. A scratch behind the ears is worth more, and more than that? A good dinner, of course. I mean really, don’t they ever get it? Dogs, cats, really any pet. We love you guys of course… but let’s face it… we love food more! Heh heh! You can tell us how good we are all day, but really, nothing says lovin’ like something from the oven!!

Well, that’s it for today folks! Just want to remind you again, that you’ve been listening to Lucky’s Stars here on PetLifeRadio! . If any of you out there have any comments or questions, or just want to say hi to the old Luckster, you can email me at: That’s, and I’ll either answer your question by email or on one of my future shows.

If you’d like more information or transcripts of this show or any other show on the PetLifeRadio network, just go to, and click on the show of your choice!

So until next time, this is me, Lucky saying… keep looking up at the stars, but watch where you’re walking… you may step in something! I’m Lucky, and I’m out!


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