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Pet Horoscopes for the week of January 21, 2008

In this episode... Lucky runs down the week's pet horoscopes for the week of January 21, 2008 and tells the pets in your household what's in store for this week!



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Well hi y’all and happy 2008 to everybody! Welcome to another edition of Lucky’s Stars. I’m your host, Lucky, and each week I’ll give you the rundown of what the stars and planets have in store for you pets this week!

You know it’s January… and that means it’s cold here in Montana! Cold cold cold! Now I know, I’m a dog and all and I sport a very luxurious fur coat, which is supposed to keep me all toasty and warm, but I gotta tell you, I could do without the sub-freezing temperatures! I’ve been doing a little skiing this month, but I think I’m ready for a Caribbean cruise!

While I go dig out my boogie board and tanning butter, we’re going to listen to a few messages, then I’ll be right back with this week’s pet horoscopes

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All right! We’re back to Lucky’s Stars on Pet Life Radio. I’m Lucky, and here are this week’s pet horoscopes:


For those of you born March 21-April 19…

The cat is at it again… conjuring up some of that black cat magic… trying to put a spell on you. You may just feel a little strange, but I guarantee you it’s all in your mind. Unless you start floating in the air or croaking like a frog… it’s just a way for old Felix to intimidate you! Just ignore it and go on being the happy go lucky dog you always are. The only magic you really want to see is making those doggie treats disappear! Heh heh!

Next is TAURUS
That’s April 20-May 20

You're very sensitive to your humans' moods these days. They feel passionately about each other, as you do about them. So a little jealousy is only normal, but don't make it a big part of your relationship. Chewing their shoes, scratching the sofa, or leaving a “hey, remember me” present on the living room floor isn’t going to score you any points. The best way to keep your humans happy is for you to be happy and peppy!

Next up is GEMINI
May 21-June 21

Normally a good pet, today you just feel mischievous. Your owner may wonder whether you're doing it on purpose, and you'll make it clear you are. All will be forgiven when you're feeling like yourself again. They don’t really understand that all day while they’re at work and you’re home by yourself, you’re bored and lonely. Sometimes you just have to get into a little trouble to spice up the day!

CANCER is our next pet horoscope… that’s
June 22-July 22

You're nothing if not decisive. The mailman? Hate him. The newspaper? Despise it. So if you feel a bit unsure, you'll know something strange is going on. Don't let one day of being a softy ruin your reputation. Maybe it’s just a nice day and you feel like being pleasant! I know, you’re always pleasant when you’re inside the house, unless the UPS guy is ringing the bell, but out in the neighborhood, you still want everyone else to stop what they’re doing when you walk on by.

Now we’re up to LEO for those of you born
July 23-August 22

You don't have to look at the issues too deeply to see what's going on. Another dog is working his way into your human's heart. You’re not sure where they found this new dog… did he follow them home from the supermarket? Then I suppose they’re doing a good deed and helping out a dog in need. In that case, you can help by making this new friend feel welcome. Now if they actually went to the store or breeder and bought this little pooch, then you’d better wonder why. Do they think that you’re not enough? Well, I suppose there’s plenty of room for 2 pets… just make sure everybody knows that you have seniority.

That brings us to VIRGO
August 23-September 22

You're a bit restless. There's no way you can listen to your owner in this mood. They may or may not understand, so you may have to face the consequences, but slip your collar and head out anyway. Your humans probably don’t understand that you’re tired of being cooped up in the house. You could really use a good run at the dog park, so bring them your leash and see if they get it. Now if you’re a cat, it’s going to be a bit more problematic, since I’ve never heard of a cat park. If you’re slinky enough, maybe you can slip out when the humans are coming in. They probably won’t even know you’re gone until dinner time when they hear you scratching at the door!

Okay, that brings us to the halfway point, which can only mean one thing… time to take a break for a few messages. It gives me a chance to go get a drink of water and a Scooby snack from the kitchen, so hang in there a minute or two and Lucky’s Stars will be back in a flash!

Our next horoscope is LIBRA
September 23-October 22

You don't know what to make of the tension in the air. It's not something you can relate to. Humans tend to get punchy with money situations. Especially after the holidays. They just about bought out the stores, yeah I know, you really enjoyed your holiday presents… the treats, the new sweater, and especially the new squeaky toys. But now they have to pay for them! Those credit card bills sure make them grumpy. So do your best to try to cheer ‘em up. Maybe you can get them to take you outside for a while. Some sunshine may brighten their day!

SCORPIO is next... that's for those of you born
October 23 - November 21

People are drawn to you today, and it will take a lot of strength not to lose your cool. You can do it, though! You’re looking real cute in your new holiday sweater, and people just can’t resist coming up to you to tell you how adorable you are! Enjoy the compliments, but don’t lose your cool when all those hands are petting your head! They’re just trying to be friendly… they don’t know they’re annoying you! Keep smiling!

SAGITTARIUS is next on our list... that's
November 22-December 21

All those commands suddenly seem rude. What happened? You used to love pleasing your human, and now you feel as if you're living under a tyrant. Show your human how much they have changed; they'll appreciate you for it. Now’s the time to show a little stubbornness. If they use that abrasive tone with you, just sit and stare at them. Wait until they soften up… then respond to their commands. You’ll probably get a treat for listening, so you end up benefiting in the end. Maybe they’re just having a bad week, and of course they always take it out on you. Let them know you have feelings too!

Now we move along to CAPRICORN
December 22-January 19

The cat will push all your buttons today. Is it you? No, it's the cat. He's just being annoying and obnoxious. Try to ride it out without inflicting damage, to him or to yourself. Yeah, you cats are saying it's the dog. Well that's the way it always is... one of you always blames
the other! Each of you wants attention from your owner, but really, there's enough to go around for both of you. Just try and relax... after all tomorrow is another day, with new things to annoy each other with!

AQUARIUS is up next... for those of you born
January 20-February 18

For some things, only privacy will do. You're not exactly an audience, but you'll be on the other side of the door anyway. Don't feel left out, Aquarius, it's a human thing and no reflection on you.
Well after all, we dogs and cats don't really need privacy. We do all our things outside right in front of everybody! We're really just showing off, because the humans try to imitate the things that
we do! Just that they don't like to do it on the front lawn! Well, some do, but there's a good chance they'll get arrested! So I guess we pets kind of have the upper hand on that one!
So this week, just let your owners do their thing behind closed doors! It will benefit you in the end, because when they finally come out they'll be in a really good mood! That's a good time
to take advantage and see if they'll give you some extra treats!

That brings us to our last pet horoscope for this week, and that's PISCES
February 19-March 20

Should you fall for your human's significant other or remain aloof? It's a bit of a fuzzy issue, isn't it, Pisces? Thinking it over is the right approach. Don't throw your heart into anything you are unsure of.
Look for the signs. If they genuinely seem interested in you... scratching behind your ears, petting your head, then they probably really like you, and it would be only right to like them back!
If they just talk to you, but don't ask you to come over and sit on their lap, then they're probably just trying to get on your good side, but they're probably not a pet person. That could definitely
be a problem for you down the road, so you're going to have to try to win them over now. Good luck with that!

Well, that's it for this week. Hopefully the stars have some good tips and advice for you for the up and coming week. Don't forget Valentine's Day is only a few weeks away, so start
checking out the neighborhood and see who deserves some special attention that day! Put a treat or a snack away in some little hiding place and save it because when Valentine's Day
rolls around, you'll probably need something to give to that special someone!

Okay, that brings us to the end of this week’s Lucky’s Stars. I’m your host Lucky, and I’ll be back again next week with some more advice and predictions for the coming week.

If any of you out there have any comments or questions, or just want to say wassup dawg, to the old Luckster, you can email me at: That’s, and I’ll either answer your question by email or on one of my future shows.

If you’d like more information or transcripts of this show or any other show on the PetLifeRadio network, just go to, and click on the show of your choice!

So until next time, this is me, Lucky saying… keep looking up at the stars, but watch where you’re walking… you may step in something! I’m Lucky, and I’m out!


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