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Michael Brandow

Michael Brandow


Michael Brandow

    Michael Brandow, author of the book New York’s Poop Scoop Law: Dogs, the Dirt, and Due Process: New Directions In the Human-Animal Bond published by Purdue University Press, describes himself as having lived in two of the world’s ‘poop’ capitals, New York and Paris. He recently spent a week as a guest columnist in the New York Times  “City Room” section answering questions on the history of the pooper scooper law in New York, from the 1970s to present day. He’s been published in a variety of other print newspapers and magazines and addressed the subject worldwide on BBC Radio 1 Newshour, ABC Sydney, WVOX Westchester, and numerous programs on CBC Radio 1 for both English- and French-speaking audiences.


New York Times “Ask About: New York’s Dog-Scooping Law”




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