Reach for the Stars

Lauren Collier on Pet Life Radio

Remember Lassie? How about Rin Tin Tin? How about Moose the Jack Russell terrier who starred in Frazier??  More and more animals are starring in commercials, movies and even on Broadway!.... Did you ever wonder if your baby has what it takes to make it?  Find out on this episode of My Dog Digs Dirt.   My guest is Diane Katz... from the Dawn Animal Agency in New York City whose many clients can be seen in print, on TV, on stage and on screen.

Dawn Animal Agency on Pet Life Radio


NEED TO CAST CATTLE, camels or canines in your next production? Dawn Animal Agency has been providing creatures on camera in NYC productions for more than five decades � with a bit of coordination from the Mayor�s Office of Film, Theatre and Broadcasting. We have trained swans, chickens, all sorts of pet birds, peacocks, cows, sheep, goats, monkeys, all sorts of horses, ponies, camels, wolves, dogs, cats, zebra, pigs, bugs, snakes, rodents of all shapes and sizes all on our farm... please remember these animals help support the less fortunate animals we have in our Sanctuary.