Keeping your K-9 Fit

Lauren Collier on Pet Life Radio

If you've noticed an extra jiggle around your pets waist, might be time for a visit to the K9 Fit Club...founded by Tricia Montgomery... whose on a mission to reverse the growing trend of overweight pets and their humans. Find out more on this Episode of "My Dog Digs Dirt".

K-9 Fit Club on Pet Life Radio


    Tricia Montgomery founded K9 Fit Club® in 2012. Now serving as the CEO of the organization, Ms. Montgomery is the nation’s leading expert and pioneer in human/canine fitness. Her diverse experience in veterinary medicine, public relations, animal rescue, personal training, and her own weight loss journey gave her the perfect combination of skills to create a nationwide community of clubs dedicated to the health, fitness, wellness and mental wellbeing for people and their dogs.