Doggie Dock Diving

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If you haven't heard of the Incredibly Popular and Rapidly Growing Canine Aquatic Sport  Dog Dock Diving...You must! Tune in!!!  On Today's episode of My Dog Digs Dirt.. If you have a dog that enjoys the water , loves to play, loves to retrieve a toy... then Dog Dock Diving may be the perfect fit. You never know until you try it. 

Dog Dock Diving  started making headlines back in 1997 at the Incredible Dog Challenge...and  continues to grow in leaps and bounds. Any type of dog is welcome! Humans too. Meet the  owner and president of NORTH AMERICA DIVING DOGS. Debbie Markwardt.. a group that started just 2 years ago to help promote the sport, and already has over 4000 dogs involved... MAYBE YOUR PUP CAN GET INVOLVED too. stay tuned!

Dock Diving on Pet Life Radio


Dock Diving is one of the fastest growing sports for your dog. North America Diving Dogs is an organization that has enhanced the sport by working with dock diving facilities & competitors across North America.

North America Diving Dogs titles are recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC) though the AKC’s Title Recognition Program. Your dog DOES NOT have to be an AKC registered dog to participate in a North America Diving Dogs trial. Dogs without an AKC Pedigree may join the AKC’s Canine Partners program for AKC Titling recognition.

If you are new to the sport, most of the dock diving facilities have training programs for you and your dog to learn about dock diving.

North America Diving Dogs is open for all breeds and mixes. We have created divisions so any size and age of dog can achieve excellence. The Open class is for all size dogs. The Lap Class is for all dogs under 16″ at the withers. If you have a Lap Class dog it can achieve the same titles as the Open Class but does not have to jump the same distance. We also offer a Veterans division.

North America Diving Dogs recognizes every Qualifying jump that your dog earns toward a Title no matter what division it is earned in. Qualifying jumps add up to Titles throughout your dog’s entire career.

North America Diving Dogs is staffed by owners of dock diving facilities and by seasoned competitors, so we want both the facilities and competitors to be successful in the sport of dock diving. There is no club or organization that a facility has to join to hold a North America Diving Dogs Trial. If your facility meets the requirements of NADD then you are ready to hold a trial. We will also help you train judges in your area to judge your event. All judges that are certified with other dock diving organizations and meet the requirements of NADD will be grandfathered.