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The Pampered Pooch on Pet Life RadioChristine Laethem, host of The Pampered Pooch on Pet Life Radio

Christine Laethem

Vicki LaVerdiere Nixon

Vicki LaVerdiere Nixon

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Summer Activities With Your Dog

Christine and Vicki talk about some fun and entertaining activities to do with your dogs.  Vicki talks about planning a summer fundraising event, including the Dog Days of Summer.  Christine talks about some ways to help your dog with the summer pavement heat like Derma Paw & Stay-Put Socks, wagons and dog strollers.  Some other fun activities that you can do with your dog, is camping, taking them to the drive-in and paw painting.  Christine also talks about hosting a backyard luau and using Ticked-Off to remove ticks if necessary.  Vicki talks about the Pooch Waiting to be Pampered, Abby, a poodle. Christine talks about the Pampered Pooch of the Week, a shitzu named Zoe.  Listen in on this fun-packed episode!

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