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Pet Peeves on Pet Life RadioAmy Shojai, CABC - host of Pet Peeves

Amy Shojai, CABC
Pet Authority
Award-winning author

Acting Up: Animals In Media--The Real Story

Frank Steele

Frank Steele .


Lions and tigers and bears, oh my! plus dogs, cats, birds, wolves, spiders and more. Do animals in movies make you smile? Critters on camera certainly sell products, and can be big business for the entertainment industry. But there's a sordid history of abuse used to get those "exciting/enthralling" shots. And even today, with American Humane Association leading the charge for humane care, some studios know how to get around the anti-cruelty laws. For instance, they'll film "ify" footage in Mexico. The new "Beverly Hills Chihuahua" was shot exclusively in Mexico, so were the dogs treated well? You be the judge, after hearing insights from my guest, professional actor and film historian Frank Steele. Don't forget to check out the monthly free Pet Peeves newsletter with more behavior, training and care information at

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