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Pet Peeves on Pet Life RadioAmy Shojai, CABC - host of Pet Peeves

Amy Shojai, CABC
Pet Authority
Award-winning author

Furry Thrills: James Rollins and “Altar of Eden”

New York Times Best-selling author, James Rollins

.James Rollins


I love pets. I love reading. But it really hisses me off when authors relegate animals to window dressing. Best-selling thriller author James Rollins never makes that mistake, and brings the animals to life in his latest veterinary medical thriller. In this fascinating interview, learn about his research and writing routine, how he transitioned from a veterinary career to novelist, and more. Ever wondered what cloning, parrot behavior, DNA, animal intelligence, fractals, magnetite, and the Baghdad zoo have in common? Read “Altar of Eden” to find out!

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