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Dara Foster, Host of The Pet Set

Dara Foster
Pet Style Expert Co-Founder

Super Poop Bags to Super Heroes

Hello PetLifeRadio fans!  My name is Dara Foster, and I am your new host of the "Pet Set".  Each show, please join me for live on-air product testing and lively interviews with the faces behind the brands I love and respect the most.

The biggest trend in pet fashion and pet home interiors is taking something old and making it new again.  Taking old T-shirts and repurposing them into super unique, hip dog clothes, or cutting up old kite sails and recycling them into poo pick-up bag carriers.   Authenticity and quality are what consumers are looking for.  The recession and global warming are forcing us all to re-think where materials come from.

This show begins with me putting Bamboo's Mud Magnet paw cleaner to the test with my muddy Jack Russell "Flo".  Tune in to hear my thoughts and Flo's reaction!

Please join me for a fun conversation with Bibi Rogers from 4u2reuse who is a former Colon Surgeon turned eco-dog "i pick-up"  poo bag  designer.  Bibi turned her passion for saving the planet into a cool business where she takes old kite board sails and turns them into little bags.  You can totally flex your eco-muscles with her products 
at the dog run!

Next , I dialed up Carolyn Paxton the brain child behind the dog fashion and accessory brand ChiWowWow.  Carolyn is the first and only person to be granted licensing rights from Marvel Comics for dog fashion. I also credit ChiWowWow as a pioneer in the eco-dog movement with her creative line of vintagehuman T-shirts recycled into dog clothes and bags.  Her obsession all started with a vintage Captain America Tee she made for her rescue Chihuahua, Elvis.

These days PupStyle is all about keeping  your dog and it's products looking great while not breaking the bank!  I was so excited to host my first show on the "Pet Set"  today and hope you enjoy the what you've heard. Please check me out on, and other national media outlets this year.  Dogs KNOW when they look good!


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