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Dara Foster, Host of The Pet Set

Dara Foster
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Sheryl Matthys ........Jorge Bendersky on Pet Life Radio

..Sheryl Matthys.............................Jorge Bendersky


Summer is here and that means keeping your dog AND relationships cool when the temperatures get hot. Join me for a lively conversation with my favorite go-to celebri-dog groomer, Jorge Bendersky and Sheryl Matthys, author of the best selling relationship book Leashes and Lovers and founder of the social networking site

Jorge talks about how he sold his old Atari video game to earn enough money to jump start his career and move to the States knowing only broken English. He also gave me some great summer grooming tips and advice for removing hair mats. Bendersky stressed how important grooming maintenance is to the dogs health not only for style and fashion. Jorge can be seen as a grooming judge on TLC's new show "Extreme Poodles" this Sunday June 13th. For more information about Jorge check out

Sheryl talks about ways to handle a relationship break up and dog custody issues and well as tips on how to best blend your dog into your new love life. Her book is full of insights about what our dogs can teach us regarding relationships in our own lives. We also chatted about the recent Cesar Millan divorce case and what may be happening to his own dogs during the divorce. Matthys says dog are considered personal property by law in all states which means courts treat them like TV or couch when diving up assets. Good luck Cesar! You can buy Sheryl's book through or at Her book is perfect summer reading!

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