Can an Animal Welfare Hero Call Herself an Entrepreneur?

Jamie Migdal on Pet Life Radio

Join Jamie Migdal for the first episode of Pets Mean Business! Her guest is Sue Sternberg, who is a legend in the dog training, canine behavior, and shelter animal worlds. Jamie and Sue have an informative, thought-provoking, and sometimes controversial conversation ranging from the definition of the term “entrepreneur” to the state of shelters and rescue animals today.


Sue Sternberg has over 30 years of dog behavior experience, including as a dog control officer, kennel and animal care technician at various shelters, dog trainer, behavior counselor, instructor, temperament evaluator, boarding kennel owner, veterinary assistant, is a successful competitor in a variety of dog sports, and a teacher of dog trainers. In 1993 she started her own shelter in upstate New York and has created national shelter programs to improve the lives of shelter dogs ( She is the author of Successful Dog Adoption (Howell Book House) and numerous other books--most recently How Old is This Dog? Sue has produced many DVDs on dog behavior and aggression, and also an iPhone app, The Dog Park Assistant (find these at Sue has four heeler mixes adopted from various places.  She is an accomplished fiddle player, an amateur paleontologist, loves Earl Grey tea, and is a major Star Trek fan.