Fetching a Franchise

Jamie Migdal on Pet Life Radio

Jamie talks to Carolyn Alonzo, owner of Fetch! Pet Care Chicago, about the process and benefits of becoming a franchise owner, and how to determine if the franchise model is right for you.


Born and raised in Chicago, Carolyn was an animal lover from the word go but didn't grow up with a lot of pets. Since her early 20's she’s always had a dog or two, and currently has three rescue Beagles and a Cockatiel that her husband saved from drowning in their pond last year. When Fetch! spoke to her a few years back, it was basically a no brainer when it came to deciding what to do with the next stage of her professional life; Fetch! Chicago has been in business since 2007. Earlier this year she took over as the organizer of the Chicago Area Pet Business Network. She puts together networking events for people in the pet industry: groomers, trainers, sitters/walkers, retail etc. Along with this new endeavor comes a whole new set of hurdles to climb, but she enjoys it.