Susan Briggs: Education, Professionalization, and
Certification in the Pet Industry

Jamie Migdal on Pet Life Radio

Jamie talks to Susan Briggs, founder of Crystal Canine and one of the Dog Gurus, about being a pet industry educator, business owner,  and consultant, and the strides being made by the PACCC to bring independent testing and certification to pet care services.


Susan Briggs is founder of Crystal Canine and one of the Dog Gurus. After 12 years owning and operating Urban Tails, a large dog daycare, boarding, grooming and training center in Houston, she transitioned specifically to off-leash dog play and helping fellow small business owners. Her role as a consultant, author and speaker provide many opportunities to continue learning and contributing to safe dog play operations.  As a recognized leader in the dog daycare industry her goal is to make all off-leash play encounters safer.

The people she meets in pet care motivate her to make a difference by providing tools to help you keep your dog safe and happy.  Her frustration as a pet industry consultant is the growing trend of dog injuries and fatalities that could possibly have been prevented by sharing knowledge.  Using her educational background in accounting, her study of social dog behavior and her gifts for training others she now create programs and tools specifically designed for the pet industry.