Jun Yun: On the Art and
Philosophy of Grooming

Jamie Migdal on Pet Life Radio

Jamie talks to Jun the Groomer about how he became a groomer and developed a safer, kinder, and more effective process and philosophy for working with dogs and their humans. They also talk about how he shares his passion for grooming with the world through his blog, social media, and education.


Jun has had the unique opportunity to groom dogs in all kinds of settings, which gives him a broad picture of the grooming industry. He's worked in salons, vet clinics, house calls, and even had the opportunity to own his very own salon called The Furrific Spaw in Atlanta, GA. While in Atlanta, he developed a 4 Step Process called the Furrific Way in order to insure quality results with every dog groomed; he also started a blog dedicated to educating the public on the importance of proper grooming. After moving west, he had the opportunity to learn from Michelle Knowles, CMG and Certified Skin Aesthetician at Animal Health Services in Cave Creek, AZ and work with Heather Beck at K9 Lifeline in Draper, UT. "Grooming is my passion! I am so grateful to be able to do what I love and share my passion with the world!"