Nicole Morris: Passion is Alive in Corporate America... How One Woman Followed Her Heart to a Big Job in a Big Company

Jamie Migdal on Pet Life Radio

Jamie talks to Nicole Morris of PetSmart about her passion filled career trajectory. They’ll discuss the learning track at the PetSmart Grooming Academy as well as the pros of working in a big company. This is a don’t miss episode as Jamie gets real about her opinion of starting a career at PetSmart.


Nicole Morris has worked in the pet industry for over 11 years. She started volunteering at a rescue horse barn in high school, and knew then that animals would need to be a big part of her future. She started her career at PetSmart 9 years ago, working as a bather; she then went through the PetSmart Grooming Academy to become a stylist. After that, she went on to become a salon manager, then assistant store leader, then district academy trainer. She is now
the Regional Salon Quality and Education Manager for the Great Lakes region (Pittsburgh to Illinois, Michigan to Kentucky), where she oversee the academy trainers who teach future stylists, and ensures that the curriculum is vigorous and that the program is executed fully. She currently has a rescue horse named Xena, a Great Dane named Turg, and a German Short-haired Pointer named Luna Mae.