Adam Baker: The Best Toys
for Your Best Friend

Dustin McAdams on Pet Life Radio

Dustin talks to SodaPup CEO Adam Baker, a self-described ‘corporate refugee turned entrepreneur’ who has committed to keeping manufacturing jobs for his products in the United States. They also discuss the increasing demand for "made in America" toys, and how the SodaPup emphasis on quality and sustainability is better for the pets, the retailers, and the environment.


Adam Baker is the founder and CEO of True Dogs, LLC a producer of high quality American-made, natural rubber dog toys that are distributed on 5 continents. Adam started his career as an Officer in the Coast Guard.  After five years of service he went to graduate school where he earned his MBA from Washington State University.  Upon receiving his MBA Adam worked for Nike, Inc. in Product Management for a decade.  Adam managed several businesses in his career at Nike including Outdoor apparel, Tennis apparel, Running apparel and Children's apparel. After a decade at Nike, Adam moved to a small start-up brand called UnderArmour where he was the VP of Apparel and played a role in developing that brand into the global powerhouse that it is today.  Adam went on to be the VP of Footwear at Crocs and the SVP of Merchandising at eBags before departing the corporate world to start his own business.