PACCC Update

Jamie Migdal on Pet Life Radio

About PACCC: The mission of the Professional Animal Care Certification Council (PACCC) is to bring independent testing and certification to the pet care services industry. Independent certification is an important step for a rapidly growing, easy to enter industry frequently damaged by news reports of serious pet accidents and deaths. Professionals that pass stringent testing, which reflects a professional’s broad base knowledge of animal care, will receive a 3-year certification.


Susan Briggs is founder of Crystal Canine and one of the Dog Gurus. After 12 years owning and operating Urban Tails, a large dog daycare, boarding, grooming and training center in Houston, she transitioned specifically to off-leash dog play and helping fellow small business owners. Her role as a consultant, author and speaker provide many opportunities to continue learning and contributing to safe dog play operations.  As a recognized leader in the dog daycare industry her goal is to make all off-leash play encounters safer.

The people she meets in pet care motivate her to make a difference by providing tools to help you keep your dog safe and happy.  Her frustration as a pet industry consultant is the growing trend of dog injuries and fatalities that could possibly have been prevented by sharing knowledge.  Using her educational background in accounting, her study of social dog behavior and her gifts for training others she now create programs and tools specifically designed for the pet industry.

Episode 9 - The First Certified Professional Animal Care Provider Exams

In the latest PACCC update, Jamie and Susan talk about the first CPACP exams, certifications, and support for the professionals who pass the exams. (For the list of certified providers, click here; to register for the next provider exam, click here.)

Episode 8 - The Economics of Pet Care Services and How to Avoid Burnout

In this PACCC update, Jamie and Susan talk about the first PACCC certification exams, the results of the IBPSA pet care services financial survey, and the habits that help you be (and become) successful pet industry professionals. 

Episode 7 - Pet Care Professionals Stand Apart with Your Certification

Jamie and Susan talk about the steps you can take to become a Certified Professional Animal Care Provider. They share the requirements and process for you to be part of the inaugural PACCC exam being offered in November of 2016. Listen now before registrations close on October 1st.

Episode 6 - On the Increased Expectation of True Professionalism in Pet Care Services

Jamie and Susan talk about the evolution of the pet industry and how the traditional low barrier to entry that has spurred tremendous industry growth has also increased the need for – and expectation of - higher standards of education and professional certification.

Episode 5 - The PACCC Certification Review Booklet

In this update, Jamie talks to Susan Briggs about the upcoming PACCC certification review booklet, and the type of people they are recruiting to write questions for the first certification exam (projected for this fall). They also discuss the impact that PACCC involvement has already had on business owners.

Episode 4 - PACCC Update #4

Jamie and Susan talk about the progress being made in the pet industry to ensure appropriate certification and standardized training for pet care professionals.

Episode 3 - Choosing Pet Care Service Providers

In this PACCC update, Jamie Migdal and Susan Briggs talk about choosing pet care service providers, and how important it is to consider the pet’s personality in the decision making process. They also talk about the need for multiple providers and different venues to take into account the age and temperament of the pets, and building a team of trusted professionals early on to accommodate changing needs throughout the life of both the pets and the owners.

Episode 2 - The importance of professional development for pet care professionals

Jamie Migdal and Susan Briggs discuss the 2015 Pet Boarding & Daycare Expo and the need for pet professionals to put a priority on professional development and education as part of their commitment to outstanding care, public safety, and customer service. They also talk about how important it is for pet parents to ask the right questions and do their due diligence when choosing their pet care professionals.

Episode 1 - Why Do Pet Care Services Need Certification?

Join Jamie as she talks to Susan Briggs, the co-founder of Professional Animal Care Certification Council, for the first of their monthly updates on the state of pet care services today.  In this episode, they discuss why pet care services need certification in the first place. With the flood of new businesses in the industry, the need to support a positive and informed human-animal bond with a standard body of knowledge has become increasingly more important.