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Welcome to Pet Tech, the show that helps you apply today’s technology to make the care of your pets easier, safer, and more fun.  Hosted by Ken Jones, Pet Tech is the program where we talk about electronic tracking devices, high tech nutrition, aquarium gear , filter systems, heating, lighting, computer controls  and much more.

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Episode 5 - Maintaining Water Quality in an Aquarium

Rus and Kelly Wilson from Aquarimax.com join Ken to discuss the technology of water maintenance: the quintessential overview of filters and filtration.

Over time, water gets old, "thick" with chemicals and organics. There are end products of decay that don't get removed until diluted out with a water change. As Russ says, ‘Dilution is the solution to pollution.’ And according to Kelly, ‘surface area’ is something to sing about! However, water treatment and filtration can be very important aids between water changes.

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Episode 4 - Har-vest 3-in-1 Backpack and SideKick for Pets

Har-Vest is a 3-in-1 backpack for dogs.  It functions as a no-pull harness, backpack/vest with zippered pockets and an ID badge holder, and handle, and has a calming effect to help overwhelming dogs calm down and overwhelmed dogs feel more confident. Isn’t it time your dog carried his share?  Rachel Friedman, inventor and CEO is going to give us the history and the technology behind this versatile product

Inventor and CEO of Sidekick for Pets, Barbara Pietra, will tell us about her quest to create a “car seat” restraint product for pets.  Sidekick solves the potentially life-threatening problem of having animals loose in the car.  No more dangerous distractions.  No more worry of a pet being thrown about the car when having to put on the brakes suddenly. 

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Episode 3 - K-9 Glucosamine & Dog Friendly iPhone App

Ken Jones welcomes CEO Brandon Siggard from Liquid Health, a company that serves both the human nutrition market and the pet nutrition and chats about their product, K-9 Glucosamine. 

Next up is Tony Shanks from I Love Dogs to talk about their new Dog Friendly iPhone App.   Powered by i Love Dog Friendly’s database, users can access more than 18,000 wet nose-welcoming hotels, restaurants, parks, beaches, boutiques, campgrounds and more. 

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Episode 2 - Blue Life and Simple Solution

This new product from Blue LIfe offers an all-in-one approach to aquarium filtration.  CEO Ariel Fruedenthal joins us to tell us about their motivation to produce this premium filter media and exactly what it does to improve water quality and clarity.

In the second segment, Brand Manager, Angela Torrey, meets with us to give us the background on their star product for treating stains and odors associated with pets, Simple Solution’s Oxy Charged Stain & Odor Remover.

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Episode 1 - Dog Stories and Music & Avian AquaClean

Soothing Stories and Music for the Solo Dog is a CD created and produced by Debi Weldon, with help from her pooch, Charlie O’Shea.  Designed to relieve separation anxiety when their owners are away, the CD contains unique stories, designed for dogs, combined with classical music. A quality product professionally produced. Debi works in the film industry, and you will never believe where this CD was recorded. Debi tells us the story behind the stories and we get to hear samples from this masterpiece.

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