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Petz Rock on Pet Life RadioKristen Powers, host of Petz Rock on Pet Life Radio

Kristen Powers

Max A. Pooch, The Recycled Dog Who Recycles!

Keith Sanderson  on Pet Life Radio.....Max A. Pooch on Pet Life Radio

Keith Sanderson.....................Max A. Pooch


Who's ever heard of a dog recycling? In this amazing interview, we hear about the life of a recycled dog through his sidekick, Keith Sanderson. Max A. Pooch's lifetime activity is to clean up surrounding parks and public areas from the nasty effects of litter while also recycling some of the materials he finds. He is also a huge advocate for animal shelters, which helped to save his very own life. For more information as well as to vote for the possibility of Max's face going up in Times Square, go to

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