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Victoria Stilwell

Poop and Tell

Holly Firfer on Pet Life Radio........Alex Andes on Pet Life Radio

Holly Firfer .......................................Alex Andes


Victoria and Holly are joined by guest host Alex Andes to talk about Victoria’s new #poopandtell campaign, and Holly’s dog experiences in San Diego. This week’s Ask Victoria questions get her all fired up, and Alex stumps both Holly and Victoria with Animal Academy.

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Alex Andes is Victoria’s right-hand (wo)man, and has been working for Positively since 2012. She graduated from the University of Georgia, where she was a member of the NCAA National Championship Equestrian team and graduated with a degree in Digital and Broadcast Journalism.

Alex received extensive training behind and in front of the camera as part of her degree, and was always interested in dog behavior and training. It was around this time that Alex got involved in the dog world through volunteering at a local animal control facility. She visited the shelter almost daily to get pictures and information about the dogs to upload to the shelter’s website. Shortly after starting that volunteer work, she met Victoria at a book signing, and the two kept in touch throughout the next several years before Alex graduated and eventually came on board the Positively team.

Alex performs a variety of tasks within Positively as the Director of Digital Content, including writing and managing content for the Positively website, managing website, social media and newsletter strategy and operations, working with Victoria's VSPDT trainers, filming and traveling with Victoria, as well as shooting and editing video. She is the primary camera operator for Victoria’s upcoming web series, Guardians of the Night, and is one of the camera operators for Arson Dogs. She is also a regular contributor to the Positively Blog and the Dogington Post.

Before joining the Positively team, Alex worked as a training assistant for several positive dog trainers in the Greater Atlanta area, and taught private lessons as well as basic manners and agility classes. She also worked in adoptions at a local no-kill shelter and is still active in the dog rescue community. Alex volunteers for Angels Among Us Pet Rescue, the largest no-kill, volunteer-only rescue group in the Southeast. She has helped weed out aversive trainers to ensure that the group uses force-free trainers to work with their dogs. She volunteers with several rescue groups to evaluate and transport shelter dogs. She also volunteers as a Match Coordinator for Releash Atlanta, helping to match potential adopters with rescue dogs. She has a passion for positive training and for understanding dog behavior and the way dogs perceive the world.

Alex lives in Atlanta, GA with her two rescue dogs, Daisy (a labradoodle and a certified therapy dog) and Penny (a boxer mix), and her cat, Gumby.


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