Dogs and Halloween – A Scary Combination!

Victoria Stilwell & Holly Firfer on Pet Life Radio

Victoria talks about her new projects, including the soon-to-be-launched Positively TV, then recaps her experience dressing as the Addams Family’s Morticia for Halloween. Also, why do people take their anxious dogs trick-or-treating?
Also discussed:

• Pet recognition days and holidays in the month of November (Adopt-a-Pet month, Pet Cancer Awareness month, National Shelter Awareness week, etc),

  • • The case of Susie’s Senior Dogs
  • • Signs to look out for to help determine if your dog is in pain.

Holly hijacks Animal Academy and quizzes Victoria about Holly’s area of expertise – travel and world customs.
Ask Victoria questions include:

11-week old pup is good at training basics, but having issues with consistency when puppy pad training at night.

  • • Mouthing puppies.
  • • Rescued collie barks constantly in moving cars, but not when standing still.
  • • Adopted street dog is afraid of everything, including her new owner.
• Whether keeping a dog in the back yard is enough exercise and stimulation.