Pennsylvania Puppy Mill Problem

Victoria Stilwell & Holly Firfer on Pet Life Radio

Victoria and Holly discuss the recent news story about people being sickened with campylobacter infections from puppies sold by Petland pet stores in over ten states throughout the U.S. Most pet store puppies come from puppy mills where the best interest of the animals (not to mention their future owners), creating health hazards in pet store puppies like those in this outbreak as well as behaviorally-compromised dogs.

On the Positively Hotline, Finding Shelter Animal Rescue’s Grace Kelly Herbert joins Victoria and Holly to talk about her work combating the puppy mill industry in Lancaster county, Pennsylvania. Topics discussed:

Ask Victoria questions include:

· How to tell the body language differences between aggression and correction in adult dogs when dealing with puppies. · A dog that eats only from a fork, but not from the bowl.