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Robert Semrow on Pet Life Radio

Robert Semrow is a renowned animal photographer known professionally as The Pawtographer™.  He is known for creating elaborate and whimsical scenes that feature animals.  His studio has been called a wonderland for pets and a dreamland for pet owners.

His creativity and passion for animals has earned him a tremendous reputation and much respect throughout animal loving communities.  Celebrities, media, and anyone who loves animals have sought out his unique photography.
Robert will be releasing a book, “Life is Pawfect” in early 2012, featuring his photography and some of his animal tinged wit.  Robert has a slew of new animal related projects in the works and continues to be deeply involved in the animal world.  His new radio show on Petlife Radio, Animaltopia, is one of those inspired projects that has grown from one medium to another.

Robert is active in the animal community and has been fortunate to be embraced by all aspects of the animal world. 

In addition to his award winning photography, he is currently filming a new television production call Pet World Insider TV.  The show takes the viewer in to the Pet World and shines a light on those things that make the pet’s life and the pet owning experience better.  The show will feature everything from dogs, cats, reptiles and other household animals to lions, tigers, camels, alligators and other unique exotic animals.  Robert is sure to share the funny stories as filming is ongoing.
His encounters with so many amazing people from different areas of the animal world give him a unique reach and depth to draw from.  The stories that many people share with him have touched his heart and his efforts.

Robert is no stranger to the entertainment world either, as he has was a prolific writer for a variety of publications, a musician with numerous CD releases and he was on the development team for more than 15 music instruments from the world’s largest music manufacturers.

He is a fun loving family man, who along with his wife and two young daughters, were lovingly adopted by their dogs Sugar and Zoey.  Both Sugar and Zoey, and their unique stories (Sugar has a titanium leg), have inspired Robert.  You can read more about Robert and his dogs at his website for The Pawtographer™.