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Sassy SeniorsKelly Jackson, host of Sassy Seniors  on Pet Life Radio

Kelly Jackson

100 Days With Oliver

Robert Haas  on Pet Life Radio ........

..Robert Haas ................................


Robert Haas is a businessman turned aerial photographer turned author. However, one of the titles he's most proud of is being the best friend to Oliver his beloved 14 year old dog.  When Oliver had an accident that left his hind legs paralyzed, Haas asked for just 100 more days together.  We all know the strong bond we have with our pets, especially when our pets age into their golden years and we know just about everything about them, and they about us.  Haas decided to keep a journal about Oliver's recovery, and the lessons he learns along the way in his book, Miracle Man: 100 Days With Oliver.  Hear about the remarkable journey they take together.


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