Can Comedy Really Be A Part Of Rescue Dogs?

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With the topic of rescue dogs and the unfortunate events that come with having an overpopulation of stray or neglected dogs, there's enough to make this world depressed. But for Harris Bloom and James Uloth, they combine comedy and cause! This episode will feature their causes and how they combine humor in the topic of stray dogs.

Harris is a professional comedian based in New York and a wallstreet accountant. He travels across the US  to perform comedy shows and has appeared on CBS's The Early Show, NY Ink, NY1, other film and commercials as an actor. Not to mention also being an officiate at weddings. When Harris is not making people laugh, he has also runs a foundation called Stewie To The Rescue to help fund for rescue dog vetting.

James Uloth, also a comedian, makes observations on every day situations and combines story telling with set up punchlines. He has done over 2000 shows in 4 different countries. A very special cause he created and produced is called Woofraise, a stand up comedy event that works with animal shelters and rescue groups to get much needed fundraising. Their goal is to create a sustainable annual event that can become a steady revenue stream for their benefactors


Harris Bloom

Harris Bloom is a New York comedian who delivers laughs to all the residents of New York City and surrounding venues.

He performs regularly all over the country as well as in his hometown of New York City at such venues as Gotham Comedy Club, Broadway Comedy Club, New York Comedy Club, and Stand Up New York. Harris has appeared on CBS’s The Early Show, NY Ink, NY1, and in commercials, TV, and film as a character actor.

In addition to performing, Harris produces comedy events and fundraisers and officiates at weddings (Yes. Really. Just ask him!)

James Uloth

James Ultoh's comedy style boasts a combination of story telling mixed with set-up punchlines, as he makes observations on every day situations that we can all relate with. He does this while politely pointing out some of the cultural contradictions that have become the status quo. James' cause event, Raise The Woof, was has raised over $800,000 for various charities. With nearly 10 years experience in performing and producing, he brings a fun-filled show with strong branding matched with quality performances by all entertainers on the lineup.