Canines Serving People In Need

Beverly Isla on Pet Life Radio

Who says our canine friends can't have jobs? This show is dedicated to the canine service organizations and their dogs that help fulfill the circle of the human canine bond. These talented dogs play special roles from being service dogs, therapy dogs, search and rescue, or law enforcement dogs. The Planet Dog Foundation's executive director Kristen Smith will discuss some of these programs that help people in need and how Planet Dog can help canine organizations meet their goals.  


Kristen has been with Planet Dog since 2004, and serves as the Brand Ambassador for Planet Dog, and the Executive Director for the Planet Dog Foundation. She grew up in Maine, and left to get her B.A. from Hamilton College, and her M.A. from the University of Wisconsin. Her career in fundraising, branding, and development includes stints at the Arias Foundation in Costa Rica, the Elizabeth Stone House in Jamaica Plain, MA, and Greater Boston Legal Services in Boston, MA. She lives in Portland, ME where she chases after Lucy, her impossibly cute terrier mutt rescue puppy.