and RARE Celebrate Their Mission In Helping Rescue Dogs

Beverly Isla on Pet Life Radio

This show is dedicated to 2 organizations that recently launched their mission in helping rescue dogs. It's great to see more groups coming together for this purpose. There are several ways organizations can address the issue of animals in need, whether it be directly rescuing them from inhumane conditions to providing support to the groups that do, or just as importantly, raising awareness to the public. Our first guest is Jeff Davidoff, Chief Marketing Officer of Donut. Donut has partnered with the Petfinder Foundation to create, a new platform to help homeless dogs by funding shelters. Our second guest is Trisha Crowley, founder of Rural Animal Rescue Effort (RARE) based in Columbia, Tennessee who's focus is to help animals in the rural areas where there is lack of support. 


Jeff Davidoff

Jeff is the Chief Marketing Officer at Donuts Inc. the world's largest registry of new gTLD's. With over 25 years of experience on the agency and client sides marketing, he’s responsible for all dimensions of the marketing mix with the goal of driving awareness of new gTLD's and accelerating the adoption of this new namespace.

Prior to Donuts he was the CMO for The ONE Campaign, a grassroots advocacy and campaigning organization founded by Bono, with over 6 million members worldwide. ONE fights extreme poverty and preventable disease, particularly in Africa. He led ONE’s global branding and marketing efforts. 

Prior to joining ONE, Jeff was CMO for Orbitz Worldwide, leading the marketing organizations for both and Earlier, he served as VP of Brand Marketing & Communications at Whirlpool Corporation. He was also a founding member of UPSHOT, the integrated marketing agency. 

Jeff holds an MBA from Northwestern University's Kellogg School of Management, and a BA from Dartmouth College. His personal passions are the NY Giants, new music, and the latest advances in all things digital.

Trisha Crowley

Trisha Crowley, President of Rural Animal Rescue Effort (RARE), has been an avid animal lover since she took her first steps as a child. Always wanting to save the lives of any animalin need or injured, she began volunteering for rescues and local shelters and adopted her first dog from the local SPCA.
Trisha had gone through personal and family struggles and the adoption of her first dog, Titan, a 4 month old Labrador/German Shepherd mix, was a blessing in more ways than one. Titan showed her the unconditional love and guided her towards the rescue work she does today. Adopting Titan also led to Trisha adopting a 3 month old black pit bull, Raven, from another local SPCA, after learning of the statistics about pit bulls/bully breeds and black dogs having the least chance of adoption and higher rates of euthanasia.

Her continued pursuit of learning more about 'pit bulls' and bully breeds, educating adopters and the general public about the gentle and loving temperaments that these dogs can have, regardless of the stereotypes and misconceptions many people have of them is now a major part of Trisha's efforts. Since then, she became a volunteer and "Pack Leader" for Educate-a-bull Rescue in Buffalo, NY and then the Vice President of the The Silver Lining for Pit Bulls, all breed rescue in Buffalo, NY. In 2012, while the V.P. for 'The Silver Lining', Trisha visited one of the rural, outdoor shelters in west Tennessee that 'The Silver Lining' had transported dogs from to place them with adopters in the north. They had 147 dogs and over 100 cats. In addition, the shelter was founded by two sisters, who are now in their 60's, who care for these animals every single day, including providing food and vetting, all by themselves. The overwhelming number of companion animals at one shelter alone, knowing there are so many others, caused Trisha to relocate to Tennessee to be more active in helping the animals of the south in rural shelters that so many people in other areas of the country do not even know about.
Trisha moved to Tennessee in March, 2014 and currently resides in Columbia, TN. Her main focus is rescuing animals in rural areas within the state of Tennessee.

Trisha is highly active in her efforts to save as many animals as possible. She drives every Saturday (or Sunday) across the stateto visit the shelters in several towns to do her rescue work, including taking pictures for posting on adoption sites, posting "URGENT" dogs in pounds and kill shelters on Facebook and networking with other rescue organizations, meeting potential adopters and fosters from other areas and participating is awareness campaigns. She is also a dedicated volunteer with Animal Rescue Corps. During the week Trisha works a full time job as a Manager of Partner Compensation in Finance, which is how she mainly funds her rescue efforts. Adoption fees simply do not cover the cost of the vet care, especially heart worm treatment for all of the animals. After work she performs home visits for potential adopters and fosters and cares for multiple fosters at her home, plus her dogs four Raven, Jade, Popeye and Bowzer.