Who is Part of your Dog's Healthcare Team?

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Ever wished there was more that could be done to help your pet's illness or injury?  We will discuss an out of the box method some veterinarians use to help treat & rehabilitate animals. This special group of people are called holistic veterinarians. Although not considered conventional, these veterinarians take on methods such as: Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, Herbal medicine and Homeopathic medicine alongside their Western medical approach. Dr. Charles Loops, a veterinarian of 32 years, will share his experience of treating animals with homeopathy.


Dr Charles Loops has maintained a successful veterinarian practice mainly by referrals. He has treated thousands of cases using the principles of classical homeopathy and he continues to find this system of gentle healing to be the most effective therapy that has ever existed. Sixty percent of Dr Charles' new cases have cancer and most of these several hundred companions each year survive longer and have a better quality of life than cancer patients treated with Western medicine or other modalities. Having practiced 32 years as a veterinarian, ten with Western medicine and over twenty with homeopathy, Dr Charles' believes the homeopathic approach improves overall health and a heightened sense of well-being.