3 Snaps for John Lund!

Lisa Smith-Putnam on Pet Life Radio

Come with us to a world of pure imagination! Yes, we are borrowing a line from the movie “Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory”. Why? Because today Simply Pets Radio show welcomes Mr. John Lund!

When our host Lisa Smith Putnam first saw Mr. John Lund’s work she fell in love! John creates wonderful masterpieces with the camera and with his creative artistry on his computer. To see John’s work is truly the opportunity to see a work of art! John has found a wonderful way to blend his love of animals to his love and passion of photography! This is a great interview and believe it or not, it comes with some great visuals! How do we show you visuals during a radio show? Ah-Ha…we could tell you, but we think you will appreciate it more if you take a listen! Let us know what you think! We always love hearing from you!


John Lund lives in a world where elephants perform the flying trapeze, cats dance the Can-Can, dogs ride motorcycles, and nothing is impossible. It is a world he creates with his camera and Photoshop. John has been a professional photographer for over thirty years and has used Photoshop to create his new realities for over twenty years. His funny animal pictures are used for everything from greeting cards to coffee mugs to advertising and his gift books have been published in seven languages. John works out of his Sausalito, California studio with his partner and co-creator Stephanie Roeser. A founding member of Blend Images stock photo agency, John is also active in the blogosphere where as the “stockphotoguy” he shares his many years of photography and digital imaging experience.