Start a Pet Sitting/Dog Walking Business

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Have you ever thought about starting a pet sitting/dog walking business?  Or even adding this service to your training or grooming business.  Professional Pet Sitter and Dog Walker, Lindsay Stordahl, shares the secrets she has used over the past years to start and grow a successful business.


    Lindsay Stordahl provides exercise for dogs through Run That Mutt, her dog running and pet sitting business. She also trains dogs and maintains a dog behavior blog Lindsay has worked professionally with all kinds of dogs since 1998 - rescue dogs, dogs with aggression issues, dogs that need more exercise and dogs that get bored easily. Her goal is always to help dogs and their owners understand one another better.

    Ace of Spades

    "My mutt Ace is a 3-year-old black lab mix. I don’t know what he’s mixed with, but my best guess is coonhound, pointer or dane. He enjoys climbing on playground equipment, chasing a ball, destroying sticks and boxes, attacking the hose, kissing the cats, swimming, agility, running and searching for rabbit turds.
    Ace will drink a whole toilet bowl of water, and he assumes the catbox “sand biscuits” are free for the taking. He pukes almost daily, usually has strings of drool hanging from his mouth, grunts a lot and eats dirt. This blog was inspired by Ace, but meant to be about all dogs.


    I am Lindsay Stordahl. I own a dog running and pet sitting business in Fargo, N.D., and I am pretty much obsessed with dogs. Cats are OK, too!
    This blog is meant to be about anything related to pets such as dog training and behavior, dog adoption, dog rescue, breed information, dog stories, dog products, dog businesses and whatever else comes to mind.
    I am always reading about dogs, talking about dogs, training dogs, exercising dogs, writing about dogs and hanging out with dogs. I hope to use my experiences to help others and their animals. I’d also like to hear your ideas and knowledge about dog behavior, nutrition, dog sports or whatever else you know.
    Other than dogs, I enjoy being outdoors playing rugby, backpacking, photography and writing. But these things usually include my mutt. I also read a lot and get too competitive playing board games.
    Feel free to contact me at I’d love to hear your advice, answer your questions, publish your guest posts, see pictures of your unique mutt or start up a conversation about dogs."