Failure To Plan May Be Your Plan For Failure

Ty Brown on Pet Life Radio

Setting up your dog related business the the proper way is a huge part of driving your success.  Set it up wrong, though, and you could be doomed to failure. Listen in as Keith Benson of Triple Crown Canine Academy gives a checklist for how to avoid disaster and also learn some amazing tips for improving your website and getting it found! 


    Keith Benson is President/COO of Triple Crown Dog Academy Inc., President/COO of StarMark Pet Products, Inc., Director of Education at Triple Crown Academy for Professional Dog Trainers Inc., and a Certified Professional Trainer.

    Keith has a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology and years of experience in the field of clinical behavior modification and forensic psychology. Triple Crown is the largest, most comprehensive training, behavior, and event center in the world.  Since its incorporation in 1995 Keith has worked with thousands of dogs and their owners to enhance the human and animal bond.  Lately he focuses much of his attention on Triple Crown’s sister company, StarMark Pet Products, Inc., where they develop award-winning interactive pet products that sell throughout the world. Keith also shares his expertise with students as an instructor at Triple Crown’s school for professional dog trainers and is also the institution’s Director of Education.